Kick Off Into a New Life - Video Training

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Dr. Roy Martina M.D.

Video Training: This training is a two-day speed course with tools to help you on all levels.

Learn what the Christallin Command is and how to apply it in your life to attract , health, well-being, self healing and abundance.

Next to that we will give you the other Qi (Energy) Power Tools:

  • Pong Youp : use your power breath for self healing, relaxation and strengthening of your immune system
  • Divine Back Alignment : learn how to align your back with the power of energy and improve vitality and strength
  • Remote Chi : send healing from a distance to family, friends and diseased people all over the world
  • Theta Sleep : learn and rejuvenate yourself in a deep sleep and wake up happy and healthy
  • Karma Management: learn what karma really means and how to make it work for you
  • Activation of the Merkaba: when your light body is activated, your chakras and auras are in balance
  • Power Matrix ; learn how to make a matrix for everything you need in life, from health to wealth

Dr. Roy Martina M.D.

Roy Martina is een  Holistisch  Arts,  internationale bestseller auteur  (88 boeken), Business Coach en Trainer. Hij is een 8e  Graad Black Belt Grand Master met 3 wereldrecords. Hij is een veel gevraagde keynote spreker & Trainer.

Oprichter van  Omega Health Coaching voor preventieve geneeskunde en levensduur. Hij leert wereldwijd het concept van Quantum Thinking, de moeiteloze manier om exponentieel succes en welzijn.

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